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A lot of people do poke.We just do it better.


The Fish.

Simply put: when you have QuickFish, you’re eating the highest quality, sustainable fish found on the market today (read: not your typical poke shop). From the team that brought you Bamboo Sushi, we give you the same high quality fish you would find in a top-tier sushi restaurant; and because of our large supply chain, we’re able to offer this level of fish at a lower price point. We also work with independent, third-party organizations to look at our supply chain, and help us source the highest quality, most sustainable ingredients available. This commitment to quality and sustainability translates to more flavorful bowls for you.

The Bowls.

This isn’t your typical grab-and-go bowl. Our menu is driven by a culinary team (yes, real chefs) that are carefully selecting the right combination of flavors to give you a full umami moment in every bite. The rice you’re eating is actual, cut sushi rice with full flavor and perfect texture. The sauces we serve are inventive and created to balance flavors that let the quality of our fish come through. The menu offers inventive toppings not found in other poke shops, giving you the power to mix and match flavors for a unique bowl every time.


In a world where every restaurant seems to use the word sustainability to describe what they do, QuickFish goes deeper into its practice. This includes applying the principles of true sustainability to every aspect of who we are. Transparency in sourcing is where we start, but we’re also committed to ensuring that our fish is caught in a way that preserves the surrounding marine environment and by people who share our values. These same values run deep into our store design, selecting sustainable building materials and operating supplies.